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What We Do

myfinalytics is a suite of tools to help small business owners with their financial management. Each tool is designed around a specific problem of question faced by business owners. The tools compare your business’ financial condition with industry benchmarks to provide you a direct answer.

It’s That Easy

Just connect your accounting data and you’re ready to go. Set-up takes less than 30 seconds. myfinalytics automatically starts analyzing your business and preparing its reports. And myfinalytics automatically updates, which means every time you come back, you’ll see the latest results.

Simple to Use (Maybe Even Fun)

myfinalytics is designed for business owners. Not their accountant. Each tool is organized around a central graphic. The most important numbers are highlighted. Graphics are interactive. Each tool is your workspace, giving you what you need to make your most important decisions. No more searching for the right report or trying to figure out long lines of numbers.

Private and Secure

myfinalytics follows industry best practices to protect your data. And we don’t sell your data to third parties. You can find the detailed privacy policy on our website.

Clear Pricing. No Tricks

With an annual subscription, you get access to the full suite of myfinalytics tools. Everything is available for one low price. We won’t try to up-sell you on higher-priced plans. We’ve put our pricing right on the home page to make it easy to find.

Still Undecided?

Everyone can access our first tool, recovery roadmap, absolutely free. It’s a great way to try us out.


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