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myfinalytics offers the most advanced set of financial management tools available to small business owners to provide clarity into their financial performance

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Recovery Roadmap

Take stock of your business’s strengths and current challenges and put 2021 in the rearview mirror.

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Bank P.O.V.

Understand how banks view your business for loan eligibility and serviceability. Plan ahead for a promising approval when you’re ready to take out a loan.

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Loan Advisor

Evaluate your loan offer and the impact it will have on your cash flow. You’ll be notified of any high-cost loan offers, and receive a clear picture of how a loan fits your business’s financial condition.

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Customer Insight

An in-depth customer evaluation of your current product and customer mix. Analyze sales trends and lost opportunities.

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Financial management for freshers – Free Orientation program

July 28, 2018       |       Palace Grounds, Bangalore

Small savings scheme for big benefits – Money handling for kids

July 28, 2018       |       Palace Grounds, Bangalore

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